Unlike the later "New" FD line this is a robust beast of a lens. It's all metal complete with gorgeous brass hidden inexplicably under black enamel. The design decisions from this period blow my mind. Also uniquely the lens features a concave front element making it very visually distinct. I got mine for a good price but the lens had some fungus on the inside which I had to clean. It's become one of my favorite lenses due to all of its unique attributes. 
Mount: Canon FD Mount
Focal Length: 35mm
Aperture Range: f/2 - f/16
Minimum Focus: 0.3m
Weight: 420g
Filter Thread: 55mm
Data Source: Canon Lens Museum - Lens-DB

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 07/14/2019
Serial Number: 21586
Purchase Price: $100
Going Price: ~$190
Condition: Some front ring damage and cleaned from fungus

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