Yeah.... so I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I own this one. There was a period where my wife and I were really into lomography and bought into the hype of it all. Bought this one new and quickly discovered it was a bit too much toy and not enough camera. I've recently started using it again as I feel like I've progressed enough in photography to start getting images from this camera but it's still very much a play thing and not a real tool. Also this is a good lesson on why paying retail for something new means you're going to lose a lot of value down the line. The going price for these cameras now is far less than what I paid new. 
Design: View camera
Focus: Manual Zone Focus
Lens: 47mm f/8
Minimum Focus: 1m
Shutter Range: 1/100
Aperture Range: f/8 - f/11
ISO Range: n/a
Flash Sync: 1/100
Meter: n/a
Exposure Modes: Fixed
Battery: n/a
Weight: 700g
Other Features: Bad photos
Data Source:

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 12/12/2012
Serial Number: n/a
Purchase Price: $70
Going Price: ~$30
Condition: Mint

My Copy's Performance
To be fair - it is a Holga. The bar is not high. That said man has this camera ate and wasted rolls of film. Thus far most shots are just... crap. Film advance and rewind work. Who knows what shutter speed or aperture you're really working with but in my experience it is way too easy to mess things up. You can fire the shutter however often you want (simple spring shutter) meaning it's VERY easy to accidentally create multiple exposures. I appreciate the feature but it shouldn't be the default. Further the bulb switch on the bottom is constantly getting switched meaning that you'll be in bulb and not even know it. The viewfinder is worthless and only good for general framing. Focus is again by estimation but even if you're "in focus" nothing is very really sharp. I don't know... I just can't really fall in love with this one. I might try to tape the bulb switch from being flipped and give it one more go but otherwise I think I'm done with this one. The Lomo is a primitive camera but fun to use... this is just annoying. 

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