The Nikon F4 is an amazing camera. There's so much technology jammed into this camera it's staggering. Motor advance and rewind? Check. Auto focus? Check. Matrix metering? Check. Up to an insane 1/8000s shutter speed? Check. Complete PASM shooting modes? Check. Multiple Exposures? Check. Manual Rewind Override? Check. DX Coding? Check. Interchangeable viewfinders? Check. Backwards compatibility to some extent to all older Nikon F lenses? Check. Forwards compatibility to some extent to all newer Nikon F lenses? Check. The camera has manual controls for almost everything making and the industrial design was done by Giorgetto Giugiaro who is better known for designing sports cars. Mine came from KEH and is in very good condition.
Mount: F
Design: Electronic 35mm SLR
Focus: Auto Focus with Microprism/Split-image rangefinder/Ground glass (Type P)
Shutter Range: 1/8000 - 4 with Bulb
ISO Range: 25 - 3200
Flash Sync: 1/250
Meter: Matrix TTL
Exposure Modes: Manual, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program
Battery: 6x AA
Weight: 1280g
Other Features: All of them... seriously. If you can think it the camera has it.
Manual: Nikon

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 12/26/2019
Serial Number: 2577622
Purchase Price: $179
Going Price: ~$260 - Collectiblend
Condition: Very good

My Copy's Performance
Freakin' awesome. That sums it up. The camera is a beast and will work until the the end of time. I don't have many complaints. AF is a little slow but you can't complain really. Manual focus with the stock screen isn't great so I purchased the Type P screen separately which makes it much easier. All the manual controls make the camera a joy to use and the insane shutter speeds allow you to shoot in much more challenging situations than most other cameras could hope to. My only real major complaint is the weight - the camera is damn heavy. You're going to feel it whenever you use this camera and that might be a enough of a problem to make me look for a different F camera for common use. I've really enjoyed using this camera though and if you can find one for a good price I'd say go for it. You'll get an amazing camera that works with almost every Nikon lens ever - just get ready for a workout. 

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