Pentax is a famous brand and has some of the best selling SLRs of all time. Unfortunately this isn't one of them and it comes from the point in Pentax history where they were already losing ground to Canon, Nikon, and Minolta. That's not say there isn't anything bad with this camera but that compared to contemporary options and even much older options it's hard to get too excited about this one. Interestingly it's one of the few SLR cameras to have to feature DX coding. Unlike its predecessors it's a very plastic camera but sports an interesting look. I got mine for a good price and they're quite common overall. 
Mount: K
Design: Electronic 35mm SLR
Focus: Manual Focus with Microprism/Diagonal Split-image rangefinder/Ground glass
Shutter Range: 1/1000 - 1 with Bulb
ISO Range: DX Coding (100 Default)
Flash Sync: 1/100
Meter: TTL with shutter readout
Exposure Modes: Manual, Aperture Priority
Battery: 2x LR44
Weight: 500g
Other Features: DX Coding

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 09/03/2019
Serial Number: 6650699
Purchase Price: $9.99
Going Price: ~$10- Collectiblend
Condition: Good but broken depth of field lever

My Copy's Performance
It's a good camera but somehow I've just not found I like it much. The grip feel is weird and none of the specs are exciting. It's nice that the camera features DX-Coding but it's missing any way to change that ISO greatly limiting the camera's usability. I do really like the diagnonal split prism though and overall I can't really complain. The camera just isn't inspiring though and isn't particularly fun to use. 

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