A very popular camera from the late 70s that is a lot of fun to shoot with. Since it's aperture priority it's much more usable than most other cameras and the unique capacitive shutter release is easy to use. I actually don't know why cameras from Konica or Minolta weren't more popular than their Canon or Nikon counterparts as they're consistently ahead with features and ergonomics. This one is from my in-laws that's in great condition except for a small issue with the power switch which I repaired. 
Mount: SR
Design: Electronic 35mm SLR
Focus: Manual Focus with Microprism/Split-image rangefinder/Ground glass
Shutter Range: 1/1000 - 1 with Bulb
ISO Range: 25 - 1600
Flash Sync: 1/60
Meter: TTL with shutter readout
Exposure Modes: Manual, Aperture Priority
Battery: 2x LR44
Weight: 730g
Other Features: Self-timer
Manual: Butkus.us

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 06/01/2019
Serial Number: ???
Purchase Price: Free
Going Price: ~$60- Collectiblend
Condition: Almost perfect except for a repair to the power switch

My Copy's Performance
This camera was given to me by my mother in law as it was hers but she no longer uses it. It's generally in good condition with a clean focusing screen and good exposure. I did have to repair the power switch which is made up of a plastic nut over a pin that moves over electric contacts to turn on/off the camera. As an electronic camera it cannot fire the shutter without power which can be problematic. The film advance is smooth when unloaded but it takes a great deal of torque to advance film. Still I've used it extensively and enjoyed the camera a lot. 

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