The Minox 35 is an interesting camera. It's absolutely tiny and has a distinguished history in espionage. Both the CIA and the KGB used the camera extensively mostly due to the quality lens matched with a tiny design. The camera features surprising manual control with aperture priority exposure control. The camera is a view camera so you must zone focus which is annoying. It's also an electronic camera and so won't work without batteries. I picked mine on eBay for a great price and a Holga flash included.
Design: View camera
Focus: Manual Zone Focus
Lens: 35mm f/2.8
Minimum Focus: 0.9m
Shutter Range: 1/30 - 1/500
Aperture Range: f/2.8 - f/16
ISO Range: 25 - 800
Flash Sync: 1/30
Meter: TTL
Exposure Modes: Apertue Priority
Battery: PX27
Weight: 190g
Other Features: Collapsible lens

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 3/27/2020
Serial Number: 3550805
Purchase Price: $30
Going Price: ~$100 - Collectiblend
Condition: Rough but working

My Copy's Performance
My copy is pretty rough. It shoots and functions but the shutter preview does not work at all so you never know what shutter speed the camera will select. The iso adjustment lever on the bottom is also frozen on mine requiring tools to change. It's not a bad camera though I personally found it really awkward to use. I had hoped that the ability to change aperture would make it a better creative tool but without focus aids you're going to struggle to land focus in many situations. Still it's a neat camera and while I might retire it from use it's definitely going to stay in the collection for display. 

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