A small little kit lens with decent sharpness and unique bokeh rendering. Fuji began offering this lens as the kit lens for it's consumer grade SLRs in the late 70's. It's not particularly sharp which is disappointing given its slower than normal aperture shares the same unique soap bubble bokeh with it's faster (and sharper) f/1.8 brother. My wife got this lens with a Fujica ST605n she purchased at some point in college for a photography class. Unfortunately the lens itself isn't in great condition as the depth of field ring is broken and spinning freely. Part of the rubber is missing at the end of lens exposing the focusing helical as well. Optically though the lens is still flawless. The lens has a bit of a following but I think you should try to find the f/1.8 version instead. It's faster, sharper, and generally sells for the same price. 
Mount: M42 Screw Mount
Focal Length: 55mm
Aperture Range: f/2.2 - f/16
Minimum Focus: 0.6m
Weight: 155g
Filter Thread: 49mm

Collection Information
Date Acquired: Approximately 2003
Serial Number: 845049
Purchase Price: Free - Part of camera kit
Going Price: ~$50
Condition: Damaged depth of field ring and exposed helical - optics are flawless

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