Sometimes you just find weird stuff. I was snooping at a local camera store and found this lens sitting in their display cabinet. The dust showed that no one was interested but I was curious and took a look. Low and behold it was an absolutely pristine lens! I haggled down the price substantially and took it home that day.

The history of Vivitar lenses is always a mess as they never made anything themselves and instead licensed other manufacturers to do their work. In this case the lens was made by Komine, a relatively unknown Japanese camera equipment manufacturer from the post-war period. Komine lenses for Vivitar can always be identified by the leading 28x in the serial number. The lens is built to absolute perfection - easily exceeding the build quality of name brand lenses. Unfortunately the optics don't quite hold up as "sharp" is really a fuzzy term. Still a fun one to use though!
Mount: Pentax K
Focal Length: 24mm
Aperture Range: f/2 - f/16
Minimum Focus: 0.3m
Weight: 260g
Filter Thread: 52mm

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 08/22/2019
Serial Number: 28503442
Purchase Price: $40
Going Price: ~$200
Condition: Mint

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