A massive hulking standard zoom lens that is as far as I know the only f/2.8 28-105mm lens ever produced. Designed and sold by Tamron in the 90's the lens was a unique if ahead of its time beast. I'm sure with modern optics such a design would be possible but back then it was simply overly ambitious. It's not particularly sharp, oddly warm, and has strange ergonomics. The lens is so heavy that if you tilt it forward they'll naturally start zooming unless you engage a higher friction "no-slip" mode by pulling the zoom ring toward you. The focus ring has an insanely short throw and actually moves as you zoom in. We purchased these years ago for 1080p videography where they performed well  but with modern cameras and 4k video they just aren't a good match. These have recently left the collection as a result.
Mount: F Mount
Focal Length: 28-105mm
Aperture Range: f/2.8 - f/22
Minimum Focus: 0.5m
Weight: 880g
Filter Thread: 82nn
Data Source: Lens-DB

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 07/03/2011
Date Left Collection: 06/18/2019
Serial Number: 010725
Purchase Price: $310
Going Price: ~$150
Condition: Good condition

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