My second favorite lens of all time and one that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Yes the body is a cheap plastic. Yes it' a screw drive lens that only has AF on Nikon pro cameras. Yes as a manual focus lens the ergonomics could be better. It's also absolutely optically stunning. Sharp with good contrast across almost the entire frame. I'm willing to put up with all of the physical problems to keep this one around to the point where I learned how to disassemble it to clean it myself. Yes it's not as sexy as many of the f/1.4 lenses that are out there but it's also much smaller and cheaper with similar quality. You can still buy them new but I'd suggest hunting around for a used copy. Be aware that the aperture blades like to get oily and stick requiring you to either get it repaired or learn how to fix it yourself. 
Mount: F Mount
Focal Length: 35mm
Aperture Range: f/2 - f/22
Minimum Focus: 0.25m
Weight: 205g
Filter Thread: 52mm

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 07/10/2013
Serial Number: US 345844
Purchase Price: $245
Going Price: ~$250
Condition: Damn near perfect

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