I've wanted a Lensbaby for a very long time but was always put off by the price. How can you justify o much for such an obviously inferior optic? I found one at an amazing price though and jumped on it. It's a ton of fun to use and the effect is really striking. It's built extremely well despite the "toy" nature of the lens which I personally find impressive. I still think that the list price or even the common used price is still far too high for what this lens offers. If you can find it as cheap as I did though I think you should jump on it. 
Mount: F Mount
Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture Range: f/5.6
Minimum Focus: 0.33m
Weight: 96g
Filter Thread: 37mm
Data Source: All Photo Lenses

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 08/27/2019
Serial Number: SP120189
Purchase Price: $36
Going Price: $80
Condition: Mint

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