If you wanted proof that not all vintage cameras were built like tanks this is the poster child. Plastic is everywhere on this camera and it's general of poor quality. That's not a bad thing necessarily as it keeps the weight down but it makes the camera less durable than its contemporaries and sure enough this camera has a broken rewind crank. Overall the camera isn't particularly interesting anyway aside from its history as a rebadged camera. The camera is actually a Chinon CS-4 rebadged as Revuenon for the German retailer Foto-Quelle. Mine came in a package with lots of other camera equipment which frankly is what held value. 
Mount: M42
Design: Mechanical 35mm SLR
Focus: Manual Focus with Split-image rangefinder/Ground glass
Shutter Range: 1/1000 - 1 with Bulb
ISO Range: 25 - 1600
Flash Sync: 1/60
Meter: TTL LED Match Needle
Exposure Modes: Manual
Battery: 2x LR44
Weight: 455g
Other Features: n/a

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 06/21/2019
Retired: 2020 (No Longer Functional)
Serial Number: 276609
Purchase Price: $29 (Part of set of 3 lenses and other accessories)
Going Price: ~$80 - Collectiblend
Condition: Broken rewind crank, dirty viewfinder
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