I'm really torn on this camera. On the one hand I appreciate its flexibility and broad feature set. On the other it is not particularly fun to shoot with as it feels just so insanely cheap in the hand. There's little satisfaction when shooting with this camera despite ostensibly being perfectly positioned in the line of Nikon cameras to work well with pretty much any F mount lens ever made. Handily I have the grip which allows me to use AA batteries and gives a small vertical grip. I bought mine a long time ago when transitioning from Canon to Nikon but truthfully haven't used it much. Interestingly I somehow ended up with the Japanese version of the camera and not the American or European versions. 
Mount: F
Design: Electronic 35mm SLR
Focus: Auto Focus with AF confirm lights
Shutter Range: 1/2000 - 30 
ISO Range: DX Only
Flash Sync: 1/90
Meter: TTL Nikon 3D Matrix (25 zones)
Exposure Modes: Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
Battery: 4x AA
Weight: 385g w/o grip
Other Features: Self-timer, Multiple-exposure, Motor advance, Motor rewind, Drive mode
Manual: Butkus.us

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 09/13/2012
Sold: Sold back to KEH 2020
Serial Number: ???
 Purchase Price: $62
Going Price: ~$40- Collectiblend
Condition: Mint

My Copy's Performance
Frankly there's not much to say. It's basically just slightly removed from a modern Nikon DSLR. It handles almost exactly the same and is new enough that there's no real reason to expect it to not function flawlessly. Unlike my Konica FS-1 it's pretty quiet advancing the film and will automatically rewind the film as well. Autofocus works well though manual focus is difficult with the AF confirm light. Shutter speeds and apertures all work well and there are nice features like mutliple exposures and automatic bracketing. My only real complaint is that like most late era film cameras it takes the ISO from the DX coding and can't be overriden. This means that you have to either keep a consistent exposure compensation in play or modify the DX code on the film canister which is annoying. At least the meter is perfect. 
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