Massive is the first word that comes to mind when describing this camera. It's huge even by today's standards. This camera easily dwarfs most others and is on par with modern full frame DSLRS in terms of scale. It feels wonderful though to shoot and all that mass makes it extremely stable. It has an FL mount which is the same as FD just without the automatic aperture control. It's a fantastic camera to shoot with. I got mine basically for free as I was really after the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 that was attached. 
Mount: FL (FD compatible)
Design: Mechanical 35mm SLR
Focus: Manual Focus with Microprism/Ground glass
Shutter Range: 1/1000 - 1 with Bulb
ISO Range: 25 - 2000
Flash Sync: 1/60
Meter: CdS cell for TTL stopped-down match needle metering
Exposure Modes: Manual
Battery: PX625
Weight: 1095g
Other Features: Self-timer, Mirror Lock-up

Collection Information
Date Acquired: 07/27/2019
Retired: 2020
Serial Number: 170890
Purchase Price: $60 (Including 50mm f/1.4 lens
Going Price: ~$60- Collectiblend
Condition: Near mint, dirt in viewfinder

My Copy's Performance
The camera seems to be mostly working fine. Film advance and rewind work OK. I did have a small catch/tear on the very last frame but that might have been due to wasting so many frames in the beginning of the roll. The aperture on very fast shutters either doesn't seem to reopen fast enough. 1/500+ so these speeds should probably be avoided. Additionally the fast speeds seem to be be slow. Guessing that 1/500 is in fact 1/400 or so and 1/1000 is 1/500. Regardless fast speeds shouldn't be used. The viewfinder is bright but the cruft is annoying. You can see the meter needle fine but I don't trust the meter. I ended up removing the battery and metering with my phone when testing. 
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